Drainage Plumbing

Commonly Used Plumbing Materials

People want to have their new homes. Many want to have their own plot and be the designer of the house. Well, one part of the design that most house owner forgets is the plumbing part. Like the designing of the house, you also require the right design to make the house’s plumbing effective. If the plumbing is not adequate, you might face severe problems in the future.

The materials used in plumbing varies a lot, depending on which kind of material you prefer. Some have an advantage over the other and the vice versa. Therefore, it becomes important that you get to know all the plumbing materials to make a perfect choice.

Cast Iron pipe

Iron pipes are the oldest types of pipe that are used for plumbing. They have a rich history and was commonly used in all the residential houses and building. This was mostly preferred because iron was found cheap in the market and was very easy to install too. This gave it the popularity. Moreover, the pipes have a reputation for its strength and durability. It lasted for years without leaks.

However, some issues make the iron pipe unavailable for plumbing. The pipes being made from iron welcomed rusting. The rusting of the pipe made the pipe weaker over the year that leads to failure of the durability. Most homes reported leaking due to rusting in about 25 years from installation. The rusting also changed the water taste that made the water hesitating to use.

Copper pipe

Copper pipes have great stability and durability. They can withstand any impact and hence they can be used for any kind of plumbing. They can also be used underground without the fear of being damaged. Unlike the iron pipe, this pipes provided clean water and was free from bacterial breeding. This made the people popularly used in most countries.

One disadvantage of these pipes is they are very expensive. In addition, to that these pipes are also difficult to install. Only professional plumbers can install this, because of the required special equipment. If the water passing through the pipe is too acidic, it gives rise to corrosion in the pipe.

PVC pipe

This pipe covers up the disadvantages of copper pipe. PVC pipe is a stable plumbing option that avoids corrosion. On the other hand, it is very easy to install and can be done by anyone. No special equipment is required in here.

The disadvantage that this pipe holds is that it is very brittle and cannot withstand force. This pipe is made of plastic and hence it cannot even withstand high temperature. This pipe can only be used in places that don’t have the high temperature to withstand.

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) Pipe

These pipes are an extension of the PVC pipe that can withstand high temperature. It has the same holding capability of PVC pipe. Well, if you have some high-temperature piping reason then this could be used.


Now knowing all the possible options, you can choose the perfect options for plumbing your home. The cheapest one among these is PVC pipes; they are most commonly used in houses.

By Dane L. D.

I'm not trying to be different. To me, I'm just being myself.

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