Drainage Plumbing

What to do When you need a Plumber

Until the dawn of the 20th century, lead was the main choice of material for molding tubular conduits, and the word plumber meant a person skilled in working with lead. Polyurethane, copper and other materials gradually became more popular and widely used, as it was discovered that the seemingly harmless material of lead was actually causing various chronic and fatal conditions by being ingested.

Of course, today’s modern buildings have complex plumbing systems consisting of not only hot and cold running water, but also sewage disposal, air conditioning, gas heating, systems for fire defense and a pneumatic / hydraulic power delivery system. Many emergencies in the home can be prevented or resolved by your friendly residential plumbing expert, making the plumber the 4th emergency service for many people.

Getting to Know a Local Plumber

One of the most common problems with calling any plumbers to your home is that it seems they are always busy when you need them the most. If they are available they’ll charge double or triple for coming during the evening or on the weekend. You might be expecting to be charged at least double the normal rate as well as an after hours premium if you have the audacity to call the plumber out on a Sunday!

However, most plumbers who specialize in residential plumbing services are only too aware of how valuable the time of their customers is, and how inconvenient a leaking or burst pipe can potentially be.

Most plumbers do make all reasonable efforts to be at your home as soon as possible, and just as importantly, to be there when they say they will. Plumbing work sometimes results in an explosion, flood or other disaster and because of the risks associated with this type of work, plumbers need to have professional indemnity insurance, which inevitably leads to higher prices for their services.

Take Your Time and Look Around

Be wary of using a plumber that seems too cheap, as they probably don’t have the proper insurance. Unfortunately there are dozens of unreliable and disreputable plumbers out there just waiting to take advantage of you and take your money, although of course not all plumbers are charlatans and many strive to deliver the best possible work. Don’t be afraid to ask for the VAT registration reference from the plumber, and look for membership of professional or trade bodies.

You can avoid a lot of this by getting acquainted with one of the local Vancouver plumbing companies in your neighborhood before a problem happens. Call a family member or friend who might have had to use a plumber in the past. They can tell you if they have a preferred service company. You can also find good people by looking up reviews on plumbing companies that look good to you online.

Most of us Don’t Want to Deal With This

Although you will probably have need to call a plumber at some point, it is hoped that you won’t have to, but of course it pays to have the contact information for a reliable and experienced plumber in your area. Calling a plumber for a routine check up and overhaul of your plumbing and heating systems is a much better option than waiting until you have a plumbing emergency and then calling one.

By Dane L. D.

I'm not trying to be different. To me, I'm just being myself.

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