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How to Find a Good Plumber

There have been lots of awful stories about rogue plumbers who exploit the vulnerable and take a few minutes to fix a dripping tap but spend most of their time doing nothing and charging way over the top.

The good news is most plumbers are honest and professional and not out to rip people off. But the sad news is that there are some dodgy guys around and there is a shortage in skilled. So if your tap, radiator or boiler’s got a a leak and you need someone fast how can you make sure the person who comes to fix it is competent and out to exploit you?

Obviously a good plumber is often hard to come by. So here are some tips for finding a reputable plumbing company fairly quickly. Not all of these will be appropriate to your circumstances but at least it will give you some options.

  1. If you are in a hurry then we would recommend a quick look on the internet. Search for a local plumber with your town, city or village.
  2. If you don’t have the internet at home or you can’t connect then try the neighbors. A verbal recommendation from someone you trust is quick and easy
  3. OK so you have no neighbors around who know of a good plumber – try your yellow pages. There are always plenty of local plumbers that advertise there
  4. If you don’t have Yellow Pages then why not call a friend who lives close and ask if they know anyone…if they don’t…
  5. Ask if they can recommend that you call someone else who could know – it could be anyone their referral doesn’t have to be a plumber themselves just someone who may have the number of one.
  6. Are their other tradesmen you have used in the past- electrician, carpenter, gas engineer? Try these. Tradesmen often work together and know of each other so they are likely to know of a good plumber
  7. Is there a hardware or DIY store near to where you live? These will often have lists of tradesmen who can help. Go round or call them.
  8. Is there a relative you think could have some ideas. Obviously they would have to be fairly local.
  9. If none of these work and things are getting a little desperate you could call the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and ask if they can help. This is an excellent organisation that helps people with all kinds of problems – they would certainly have a Yellow pages.
  10. If the problem is serious don’t attempt it yourself and if it takes a while to locate a good plumber and your need is urgent make sure you make what cautionary arrangements you can – pots, pans, containers, towels, to catch dripping water.
  11. If the problem is a major one check with your insurance company that you are covered and ask them if they can recommend a good plumber. If you are not covered ask them if they could recommend a good plumber anyway.

For a few more good tips on finding an expert plumber, read this article we posted last month.

By Dane L. D.

I'm not trying to be different. To me, I'm just being myself.

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